• Social Media Consultant Certification

  • Internet Marketing Certification

  • Business Administration Diploma

  • Economics Degree


  • Google AdSense

  • Website Developing

  • Social Media Business Ads

  • Internet Search SEO/ VRIN Score System

More specifically for social media strategies, this agency will use background APIs and a VRIN Score system to create an online business brand, create customer leads, email list, promotions, direct online contact with consumers, and generate sales. With the free business audit, the agency will outline the business plan the client will need to follow in order to succeed both in-store and through social media and internet marketing.


We believe 100 percent in our services that if you are not satisfied, we will offer you a FULL refund with a 2 week notice. Also, we have a anytime cancellation policy for clients who do not need our services anymore.     

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